At Doodle Me This, goldendoodles rule! Located 15 minutes south of downtown St. Louis in Sappington, MO. Doodle Me This doodles, live their lives with our family. Raised in our home with our 3 children! There is never a dull moment here and with children running around, the dogs get all the love they could ever want. Dogs have always been a part of our life, and this is our opportunity to share one of our loves with you and meet new people in the process!

We started our journey over 20 years ago. When we started breeding our Labrador Retriever, then we started our family and took a break from breeding.  Now our children are mostly grown and we have grandchildren. Our pets have changed since we started but our love for running a family breeding company has not.  It has been adventurous to say the least. Our desire has always been to involve our children in everything we do and fortunately we have the opportunity to carry this out in many ways. 

Most people think that having 4 children, and 2 grandchildren is a handful. They are correct! However, most of the time they are a handful of joy. Don't misunderstand, it is a big responsibility having the lives of all these individuals at your charge...but well worth it. As you could imagine, each of them have a different personality as well as different interest.  There is never a "normal" day around the Karandjeff house, and this is how we like it. Everyday is a new adventure and something new to look forward to. Doodle Me This Goldendoodles has been a great opportunity for several of them to understand business on a more personal level. 
This business has allowed us to not only work with our children, but also travel with them. Dogs have always been a part of our lives as well...and what better breed for a family than a Goldendoodle! 





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