In the home stretch

We are officially in the home stretch now. Just days/hours who knows how long away from PUPPIES! The mama's have settled down around here and are enjoying their cat naps during the day. They have been moved to the back of the house which we now call the nursery. Everything is all setup and ready we are officially on puppy watch.

This week we had some exciting things happen, both girls got their final vet appointment prior to delivering. Both had X-rays done and we got an idea of puppy counts for both.

pregnant goldendoodle xray
Skye's Xray

Here is Skye's X-ray, any guess on how many puppies are in there?

Golden doodle puppy xray
Binny's X-ray

Here is Binny's X-ray how about her have any guesses on how many puppies she has in that belly of hers?

It is pretty cool to see the puppies like that, and we are even more excited for the little fur balls to get here.

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