Our Story and Why We Do What We Do

I just wanted to introduce myself, and explain Doodle Me This Goldendoodles a little bit for you. My name is Ashley, and my Husband and I are the proud parents to not only 4 human kiddos, 2 grand babies, and 3 four legged kiddos and 17 four legged grand puppies. Our puppy parents are our family, they live and breath our lives with us. We have bred in the past prior to our oldest son being born and continued shortly after he was born. At that time we stopped so we could raise our human babies. After our labs had passed over the time our kids were growing up, we decided we wanted to get goldendoodles. Our first doodle was Skye, she has been with us for 3 years now, she is actually an emotional support dog for our daughter, who is 14. She has been the foundation for our love of the breed, as much as we enjoyed having labs 10-15 years ago, our love for the goldendoodle was solidified with Skye. The amazing temperament and intelligence just sets these dogs apart from any I have ever met before. She was the absolute rock our daughter needed in her toughest days and still to this day continues to be that for her. After our first year with Skye we knew we wanted to get into breeding again but wanted to take our time to build our program up, which meant more 4 legged family and of course time. We only wanted the best of the best for our breeding dogs. Our next piece of our heart came in the form of Binny (we are a hockey family both of our boys play hockey and she was named after the St. Louis Blues goaltender Binnington after our Stanley cup championship year). She came from the same breeder/trainer as Skye but had failed out of the service program. Not because she was a bad dog or not able to even learn, because she was not born to be a service animal. The breeder actually reached out to us to see if we would be interested in her and explained why she would be a great fit to our home and family. Binny joined us and fit right in, she had a 100% different temperament (in a good way) and again super intelligent. She was out in the yard playing with our 5 year old daughter, and taking runs with our boys on the daily. Yet at the end of the day she could come into the living room and just cuddle with my husband and I, after tucking the kids into bed of course. It was at this point we got back in touch with the trainer that had trained Skye for her emotional support position, we wanted to know how these dogs both absolutely amazing animals but had two totally different demeanors and drive and desire to serve. In the past our labs were exactly that, labs they wanted to play and run and just be the best friend to everyone around, but all the dang time no break no stopping just play play play. This was different these dogs had a purpose and every day they were living it. We spent a ton of time learning not only about dog behavior and how it affects who they are in our family. But also how we, their owners, effect who they are as animals and as part of our family. Each dog has a purpose, a drive to be something within its pack. But this purpose/drive is ingrained in them from birth and the first crucial 16 weeks of life. Just kind of like our kids, each different each with their own traits and personalities. The more we studied and were taught, the more we understood also that a dogs purpose, and the life they lead go hand in hand. There are dogs that are born to be service/working animals, however they are placed in a home with people who are never home and when they are are home bodies. They don’t do walks they don’t exercise etc. Guess what this dog is not going to thrive in these conditions, they need to be useful. They need to have a job, so they then get needy or pushy or even possibly destructive in the home because they are not getting to use their strengths. Or take for example an emotional support dog, say you have a dog who is just the most loving but complacent (not a bad thing mind you) dog. And he or she is paired up with a person with depression, that dog will most likely love that depressed person to no end. However it will just lay there and be some one to snuggle, when that depressed person needs someone to give them the push they need to get up out of bed and thrive. That dog will most likely feel sad because no matter how much they love their person, and snuggle and love them it never makes their person happy. So then that pup is sad. It can be a vicious cycle. This brings us to Maximus and how this big orange floof joined in on our clan. Max came into our world during covid. He was the last piece to our breeding puzzle for the time being. We waited and waited until the “right” teddy bear golden doodle became available. Max is our nose as we call him, this guy can sniff out a smell like no other. After completing our puppy training we learned how much Max’s potential truly is, and maybe some day will be but his nose is his gift to the world. He would be the perfect diabetic support dog due to his ability to smell like no other. The possibilities are endless with him when it comes to his ability. All this is to be said, to explain how we place our puppies come time for picking puppies. Everyday since the pups were 3 days old, we have been working with them doing both ASI and ENS training. In a couple weeks we will dive into this a little bit deeper. And then at 7-8 weeks old we do a puppy evaluation, when we evaluate these puppies we take into account everything we have learned about this puppy since they were born and we also put them through a test to see what their traits and personalities say about them. From these evaluations we also take into account the new puppy owners and we try to pair the two together as best as we can. In the end of course the family gets to choose their puppy, however our hope is that we are able to provide a basis to suggest a puppy who is going to fit right into your family. This is what is best not only for the puppies which we love so dearly but also for the families. The choice of puppy is also based on who places their deposits and in what order, so while you may have your heart set on a puppy it maybe chosen by someone who was already in line before you. We love what we do, we love these dogs, we want the best for everyone involved so that this puppy can move into your life and fulfill parts that you didn’t know was even possible.

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