Ultrasounds for dogs? Unheard of.....

Back when we were breeding pre kids, there wasn't a bunch to go into it besides taking care of your dogs and puppies. You let the dogs do their deed, and then waited to see if your momma's body changed (usually the first sign of pregnancy). Fast forward 20 years and things have changed a bit, these doggos get ultrasounds now and it is awesome to witness. Check out the a little bit of the video from Skye's ultrasound last week.

So with that we get to announce officially SKYE and MAX are expecting their first litter. She is due around September 10th. So we will have 2 litters on the ground only a few days apart. ALL THE GOLDEN DOODLES......PUPPIES its going to be glorious, the question is are you going to miss out on one of these amazing puppies? Go get on our list before the spots are all full. Make sure you are following us on social media for all the updates because this is going to be a fun fall for sure.

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