We Did It! Puppies are finally here.....

Well I didn't do much besides stay up all night and help the mamas with the little things. Skye and Binny did all the hard work and they did it oh so well. These mama's were so strong and efficient, its like mother nature knew exactly what it was doing over here.

We knew Skye was in labor during the day Saturday, she was not eating didn't want to get out of the welping box and was just slugish. Binny on the other hand was acting totally normal and just was hanging around us being chill. On Sunday, I knew I had to get Skye at least up and moving, so I convinced her to go on a small walk, she walked around the block with the girls and I, and of course Binny came along also. Skye strolled ever so slowly around and even stopped a couple times and looked at me like why are you doing this to me mom? So after that small walk I knew it was probably go time for Skye and started getting all things done around the house etc.

At midnight, I stumbled off to bed to try and catch some sleep, while Rob continued watching some tv. No sooner than I was about to fall asleep, Binny came barreling into the bedroom licking my hand and acting all excited, Rob shortly behind her saying Skye just had her first puppy. I of course jumped up, and Binny went with me to inspect the newest member of the family. So we began the 2nd phase of labor with Skye and I was fussing all over her, meanwhile Binny is prancing around the room whining and acting like she wanted to be a part of it all. 50 minutes after Skye had her first puppy Binny jumps up on the bed she is laying on and starts pushing, I call for help from Rob and no sooner than he arrives in the room Binny pops out her first puppy on the dog bed. We had both girls in labor with puppies coming every half an hour for 12 hours straight. I stayed right by the girls side the entire time and only jumped into assist if they needed it. I was just so impressed and in awe of how well they did the mom thing like they were total naturals.

In the end Skye ended up having 10 puppies (6 boys, 4 girls) and Binny had 8 (4 boys, 4 girls). All are healthy and are nursing like champs. We have already had some weight gain today and the girls got some hinny baths. We start our ESI and ENS training on Thursday and I really look forward to evaluating these pups.

Stay tuned for some more information on both of those over the next couple days. In the meantime check out these beauties....

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