The puppies are here!  The puppies are here! 


·  My biggest responsibility as a breeder is to place the right puppy with the right family which is the reason we temperament test our puppies. For the test to be accurate, the puppies have to be at least 7 weeks old. Based on the information provided by the assessment, each family will have a better understanding of our puppies’ temperament to make the right decision on which puppy would make the best fit for them. Families will choose their puppy in the order their deposit was received. If the remaining puppy/puppies do not suit your needs, you will be added to another reservation litter list. Once the testing is complete, I will share that information with our reservation holders so the focus can be on the puppies that would make the best match for your family.
·  Families will choose their puppy at 8 weeks of age, and take him or her home on a scheduled day. Up until that point, we will send weekly photographs, videos, and updates on the puppies.
·  We DO NOT allow you to bring your other pets to see how they will get along. If your current dog is aggressive, territorial, or doesn’t get along well with other animals, adding a puppy is not a good idea. We are not willing to experiment on our puppies to test this out.
·  Our number one priority is to give each of our families a healthy puppy.  There are many dangerous diseases that can even result in the death of young puppies. Diseases are easily carried and passed to puppies (unknowingly) by visitors, and can contaminate their living space. We will not take that chance. Unfortunately, families will not be able to meet the puppies until the day they bring them home after 8 weeks. As much as I would love for everyone to meet and play with their puppy as soon as possible, it's just too dangerous and not worth the risk.
·  When the puppies are 8 weeks old, they will be ready to go home! Puppy Pick Up Day is usually on a Saturday or Sunday. You will be assigned an appointment time in the order of your reservation. You will have received the puppy assessment prior to your appointment to help you choose. Each family will have a 30 minute appointment. If you cannot make your appointment for any reason, you will still be able to keep your reservation placement and you may make your decision over the phone/Facetime. If you do not show up, or call (for the remaining families’ sake) you will lose your spot in line.
·  At this time we do NOT ship our puppies.
·  We will meet or deliver a puppy at $1.00/mile (one way) and travel up to 180 miles (one way)
If you cannot pick up your puppy on the scheduled Puppy Pick Up Date, we charge an additional $25.00 per day to care for your puppy. These arrangements must be made at least a week in advance.

Binny & Max Litter BORN 3/17-3/18

SKye & Max Litter Born 3/18-3/19